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Apartment Renting Process


Can I begin the process before arriving Japan?

Yes, we are happy to help. If you contact ABLE before you come to Japan, we can help you with several processes to save time after your arrival. For example, (1) you can get information about properties by e-mail before coming to Japan. 2) ABLE will check with the landlord in advance whether the property is available for foreigners. (3) For customers from overseas who do not have a guarantor, ABLE will support the overseas screening process of the guarantor company and shorten the screening time after coming to Japan.
※What we can help you with will vary from ABLE’s local branch office to office, so please contact us in advance for that too. ※Also, please note that it normally takes 3-10 days until you can complete the process of contract and move in after arriving Japan, so please be sure to give yourself extra time when you set up a plan of renting an apartment.

What documents should I need when applying for an apartment?

① Passport ②Residence card or Certificate of Eligibility.③ Students: University admission letter / Employed: Offer letter from your employer
Please note that we may ask for additional documents in some cases.

What items should I bring on the day signing for the leasing contract?

①your seal ② your ID ③the other necessary documents

Should I have a Japanese guarantor? What do I need to do if I don’t have one?

When a Japanese customer sings a contract, a guarantor within the third degree of consanguinity is required. In the case of foreigners, it is often difficult to find a Japanese guarantor, so that many customers from overseas will be asked to use a guarantee company. The guarantee company will act as your guarantor. Usually the guarantee company fee is equivalent to 50% of 1 month rent for the first year (one-time), and 10,000 yen per year from the second year onwards. This may vary depending on companies, so please ask for the detail.

I saw the apartments on the website are not furnished, is this actually the case? What should I do to arrange the furniture?

Yes, most Japanese apartments are not furnished.
ABLE can introduce the rental furniture service. If you would like further information, please contact us.

I am planning to keep a pet in the future. Should I inform this to the landlords?

Yes. Keeping a pet is not allowed in many apartments in Japan. Please let us know if you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment.

Do I need to tell if my family or friend will be living with me in my apartment?

Yes. Many landlords do not accept adding a tenant later due to noise and other reasons. Please let us know first if you will have a co-occupant so that we can negotiate with the landlords.

We have a kid/kids. Should I inform this to the landlords?

Yes, considering the wear and noise, many landlords do not accept a kid/kids. Do please let us know this in advance so that we can negotiate with the landlords.

Will the key money be back to me when I move out?

No. Key money means a” reward” paid by the leaser to the landlord, and it won’t be returned to the leaser when moving out.

What is the insurance fee?

Fire insurance. Many landlords require the leaser to buy fire insurance. There are many options based on the structure of the house, the size of the room and the content of the insurance. Insurance policies cover not only fire but also water leakage accidents, etc.

Is water/electricity/gas cost included in the rent?

No, the water/electricity/gas cost is not included in the rent. The water/electricity/gas bureau charge for it. You can pay them at the convenience store.

How do I renew my lease after two years?

About a month or two before the expiration date, ABLE or the landlord will send you a renewal contract. The renewal contract will include instructions on how to pay the renewal fee. If you have any questions about renewal, please feel free to contact the ABLE.

What do I need to do when I want to leave the apartment?

You should notice the landlord that you want to leave 1-3month before leaving. You may be required to attend the final inspection of the room and bring your key and seal with you at that time. If the room is found to be damaged, you may have to pay for repairs.

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  • monthly rent 76,000yen
    management fee 6,000yen
    deposit 38,000yen
    key money 76,000yen
    layout 1K
    room size 26㎡
    year of construction 2011
    communication 16mins by train to Otemachi,
    4mins walking to the nearest St.


  • monthly rent 141,000yen
    management fee 9,000yen
    deposit 141,000yen
    key money 141,000yen
    layout 2LDK
    room size 56㎡
    year of construction 1990
    communication 5mins by train to Sinjuku,
    6mins walking to the nearest St.


  • monthly rent 55,000yen
    management fee 3,000yen
    deposit 0yen
    key money 0yen
    layout 1K(loft)
    room size 20㎡
    year of construction 2014
    communication 17mins by train to Tennoji,
    15mins walking to the nearest St.


  • monthly rent 70,000yen
    management fee 4,000yen
    deposit 70,000yen
    key money 105,000yen
    layout 1LDK(loft)
    room size 35㎡
    year of construction 2010
    communication 7mins walking to Hakata
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Voice of Costomer

  • The life in Japan is very convenient and comfortable. On the other hand, efficient is also very important in this country. As a HR manager of the company, most time I have to arrange a domicile for the employee in a short time because of an urgent personnel transfer. ABLE always find us apartments quickly and properly. I really appreciate their helps. I hope they can help us continually.
  • ABLE is a well-known real estate company in Japan. The staff are honest and trusty. They found a nice apartment for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot! The customs in Japan are very different to China. Open your heart and open your mind, you will adapt here soon. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It is very important to use a dependable agency when you look for an apartment in Japan. I think ABLE is definitely a dependable company. I hope they will help international students continually!
  • There are many branch offices of ABLE, so you can search apartments in wide areas. The official website of ABLE is also very convenient. I found on ABLE’s HP some properties even have 360 ° panorama photos, but some have only a few outside photos. I’d like all 360 ° panoramic photos! When you are planning to rent an apartment in Japan, plan it earlier. Because the contract processes will cost more time than China. The location should not have to near to the University because the traffic is very convenient in Japan.
  • The staff of ABLE are very patient and worm-hearted. They helped me a lot. When rent a house in Japan, you should choose a formal intermediary. Such as ABLE! Also you should follow the regulations in Japan. Life in Japan is really convenient. Don’t forget to clean up the house before leaving or you will be charged.
  • The atmosphere of ABLE’ branch office is very comfortable. The staff are very kind and they response me fast. Thanks for ABLE so that I can found an ideal apartment smoothly for the first time in Japan. Most time, smartphone is necessary to sign for a lease contract. It should be better to prepare for it as soon as arrived Japan.
  • ABLE has a lot of properties and the staff are polite. Before I arrive Japan, ABLE has helped me finished the oversea review so that I can contract for an apartment as soon as I arrived Tokyo. This is really comfortable. I think ABLE should advertise abroad to make more foreigners know it. Before coming to Japan, you can ask your friends in Japan to take some photos and videos of the apartments. This will help you to make up a decision.
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About us

We offer a total service from finding a room to after moving in.
We will support our customers from overseas to start the new life in Japan with comfort.

We have one of the largest networks of real estate in Japan and can quickly introduce the latest property information.
By simply contacting ABLE Corporate Service, you will be connected to local branches that meets your request from over 800 local branch offices nationwide.
ABLE's International Centres in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kobe will assist you in English and Chinese.
Multi-lingual support is available at ABLE Corporate Service and at many of local branches also.

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    Capital Stock 80 million yen
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    Number of Employees 3,734
    An Executive HARUO YOSHIDA
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    ※Update on Feb.2023
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